India Travel Tips

Planning a trip to India? Make sure that travel tips are read and understood. This is a big country with plenty of variations in its regions. You may find a great deal of difference in the lifestyles, customs, habits and practices of the people of two cities. A great deal of difference may also appear between urban and rural areas also.

It is common for a vast country like India to have cultural variations along with geographical differences in its expanse. That is precisely what makes travel tips almost imperative for travelers to this country. Travel tips for India may not be summed up in a few words alone because the excess of variations makes it elaborates by default. For the convenience of the reader it may be described in the following sections.

Climate Tips – Weather Tips
Before you arrive in India it is essential to check the weather of the city or town of your destination according to the season at the time. It will give you exact details about the temperature that you may expect. You are anyway advised to carry sunblock or sunscreen cream or gels of a minimum of SPF 15 or more and use them regularly. India is a tropical country and thus has a long spell of hot and humid summers in many places. It may also be advisable to visit India during the winter months from October to February when it is far more pleasant in its climate.

Clothing Tips-Luggage Guide

It is often rumored about India being an orthodox country and therefore liberal clothes are not allowed. Be assured that it is untrue. There are no such laws about any dress codes that citizens or tourists should follow. You will see a great deal of conservative and liberal clothing habits present in India. It is up to you to choose what you wish to wear. It may be remembered here that conservative clothing during the daytime in Summer months will essentially protect you to a great extent from the harsh rays of the Sun. Make sure that the fabric is light and pure like Cotton. Synthetics and other materials are not advised. You are also advised to cover your head when you enter a place of worship like a temple or a mosque.

Food Tips

India is a land of gourmet delights. Each and every region of this country will have something new to offer you in terms of food. However it may be remembered that food in India is essentially cooked in oil and teamed with a variety of spices. The spices may not always suit you at the very first time and so caution may be helpful. There are various options for food in India. Restaurants too are of various categories. Then there are roadside joints too often filled up with tourists grabbing a quick meal that doesn’t cost much. Don’t be tempted. The cooking oil or ingredient quality may not suit you. Fruits may sound healthy but do not opt for cut fruits sold openly on streets. They are equally unhealthy.

Guide Tips

Please ensure that your travel guide is someone verified and recommended by your Hotel authorities. Otherwise it may not always be safe to trust someone completely unknown to you for your travel plans and movements in an unknown city or town. You should also make sure if there are any government authorization given to them for carrying out such work. You should also fix all monetary arrangements prior to stepping out with him. Paying in advance may not always be advisable.

How to Book Hotel

It may be advisable to book hotels in advance. It is unsafe to look for a hotel after you have landed in a place. Do not trust touts or unknown booking agents offering their services. if possible to make bookings without advance payments it is advisable to book online in more than one hotel. You may make payments once you have arrived in the country and checked the hotel and the facilities that it promised to offer. You may pay attention to the location of the hotel as well as the kind of amenities they provide.

How to deal with Beggars in India

Begging and beggars may catch your attention in almost every location in India. However this has grown into a multi million dollar industry because of the patronage shown to beggars. Do not be fooled by the mother with a neonate crying for milk. The baby is hired for the purpose. Money should not be given to anyone even if they are posing to be sick and ailing or even physically challenged. In a way you are paving the way for an increase in their numbers next time.

How to Travel Within the Country

In case you are travelling from one place to another by train or plane you are advised to do bookings in advance. Moreover you should be prepared for delays and cancellations of the same in the case of which you may have to wait. In case of some private airlines complimentary food and water may not be provided during the journey. You can buy them in advance at local rates they may be exorbitantly priced when provided by the airlines. Travelling by taxis may also need caution. Do not submit to unlawful demands made by taxi drivers to reach you to your destinations. You are to make payments as per the meter reading and the additional charges as approved by Government regulations.

Medicine Tips

It may be helpful for you to carry a few basic medicines with you. This is to ensure immediate help in case you need them. Be careful about your medical consultations. Verify medicines before consuming them. You may ask chemists of good shops also. They will guide you about the purpose of that medicine so that you match it with your ailment and understand if you really need it. In case of emergency you should go to reputed medical institutions and hospitals only.
Safety of Personal Belongings

It is very essential to take special care of your documents like passports and visa papers as well as your personal belongings that may be valuable. It is equally important to be careful on the roads while travelling. There may be pickpockets and thieves around you. You may also choose to carry traveler’s cheques and credit cards instead of liquid cash.
Tips about Persistent Salesperson

There are many cities or even towns where various kinds of things are sold on the roads. The sellers here have a general feeling of foreigners possessing a lot of money to be sold anything at a high price. So avoid buying from them unless you know how to bargain a deal. Check the products well before buying. Understanding your origin such sellers may also try to trade banned articles like ivory or snake skin. Never be tempted as it can entangle you in a lot of further trouble.